Designer Bourbon Products

Designer Bourbon Products

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Bourbon Barrel Bar – Item #226

The perfect way to store and display your Bourbon. We have taken a bourbon barrel and created double doors to access interior storage that includes 2 shelves. Shelves are made from an antique planned barn wood which we prefer because it is very sturdy, hides finger prints and dust. Finished in your choice of stain.

Additional options : Lazy Susan Bottom Shelf $40, Interior Lighting $40, Key Locking Clasp $40, Hidden Pistol Storage $30.

Bourbon Barrel Coffee Table – Item #202

We’ve crafted this lovely and sturdy table from one-half of a charred bourbon barrel.  We added an antique planed barn wood for the table top. The top opens for storage.


Bourbon Stave Adirondack Chair – Item #204

Made from charred bourbon staves and featuring nickel hardware. The Bourbon Stave Adirondack Chair is as comfortable as it is sturdy. Features several coats of Helmsman Clear Ultra Violet Coating so this chair can handle any weather condition thrown at it. Dimensions: 37” H x 26” W x 36” D

$325.00 each | $600.00 for a pair

Bourbon Barrel Head Side Table – Item #206

The perfect companion for the Bourbon Stave Adirondack chair. This side table is made from the Barrel Head as well as staves from the barrel.  Dimensions: 18 inches tall. Also, it comes in a height of 36 inches which is a great height for a plant or beside the door to set your keys on.

$125.00 18″ | $135.00 36″

Bourbon Chaise Lounge – Item #208

Relax on your deck or around the pool in this gorgeous Bourbon Stave Chaise Lounge. Finished with multiple coats of Helmsman Protective Coating.


Bourbon Stave and Barrel Head Love Seat – Item #210

Bourbon tastes even better enjoying with a friend. The two of you can relax quite comfortably in this chair. Features one-half barrel head tables at each end for your beverage of choice.


Double Barrel Head Table – Item #212

This table features 2 ½ barrel heads and barrel rings.


Double Bourbon Barrel Head Table – Item #214

We have taken 2 barrel heads to create this table along with charred staves. A bourbon stave shelf is below the table.


Bourbon Stave Sofa Table – Item #216

The legs and frame are made from charred bourbon staves. The top features gorgeous antique planed barn wood.


Barrel & Barrel Head End Table – Item #218

We have added a barrel head to a one-half finished barrel for the perfect end table. The barrel head does remove for storage. Barrel heads may or may not have a distillers mark on them depending on availability.


Bourbon Stave Stool – Item #220

The perfect height for Bourbon Barrel Fire Pit Bar.


Bourbon Stave Chair – Item #222

This stave chair is the perfect height for our table height fire pit. Made from charred bourbon staves.


Double Barrel Dining Table – Item #224

2 finished bourbon barrels make the base for this table. The table top features repurposed antique barn wood. It has been planed and sanded but still features a top that has a rugged feel to go with it. Interior options can be added as well. Dimensions: 38” in Height.

*Additional options: Make the base a bourbon barrel bar with interior shelving, lazy susan for an additional $250*

Bourbon Stave & Band Shelf – Item #252

A wonderful way to store and present your favorite bourbon drinking glasses. We offer this item in 2 sizes. Dimensions: Both are 36 inches tall and come in widths of 18 or 36 inches. This shelf is 3 ½ inches (not wide enough for most bourbon bottles). However, one of my favorites, Woodford, will fit either size.


Bourbon Staves – 5 Shelves – Item #254

This shelf is made of charred staves (the charred side is turned up). These are authentic staves and the shelves feature the curve so items may not sit flat. Dimensions: 36″x36″


Barrel Head Shelf – Item #256

Display your prized bourbon on this barrel head shelf. We’ve used 2 barrel heads to make this shelf.


Bourbon Stave Cutting / Serving Board – Item #260

Crafted from white oak charred bourbon staves then covered with a fine coating of olive oil. This piece of stave furniture is a great way to present cheeses and other hors d’oeuvres.


Bourbon / Wine Serving Stand – Item #262

The table top is from 2 barrel heads and the frames and shelves are made from charred staves. Knowing that not everyone is a bourbon enthusiast, we’ve added a wine glass rack under the table.


Bourbon Barrel Fire Pit – Item #264

Our Fire Pit is so warm and inviting it may encourage you to drink more. We have added propane burners, a fire pan, regulators and hose to a finished bourbon barrel. We offer this in both a table height and a bar height. We also have matching chairs or stools available as well.

Inquire for price.

Bourbon Stave Sconces – Item #266

Made from Charred Staves. These will look great in any bourbon lover’s home or deck.

$40.00 a pair (Does not include candles)

Lazy Susan – Item #268

Made from a Bourbon Barrel Head, this lazy susan is great for any dining table, but a must have for Old Time Amish’s Double Barrel Dining Table! Note: Some lazy susans will have barrel marks.


Blantons Horse Stopper Display – Item #270

Every Bourbon Fan enjoys the occasional Blantons. We offer the ideal way to display your collection of Blantons Bottle Stoppers. 8 Horses create the collections of the Thoroughbred in stride.

36 inch display $65 (with all 8 horses) $150 | 18 inch display $40 (with all 8 horses) $125

Bourbon Barrel Table & Stools – Item #272

We added a Lazy Susan Barrel Head with distillery markings to the center of this table top made of antique barn wood. The table is supported by our Bourbon Barrel which provides storage, and has an additional Lazy Susan for the bottom shelf. This unit includes 3 Bourbon Stave Stools and 1 Bourbon Stave Love Seat Stool. The top can be made removable if necessary to bring into your home. It can also be used outside, as it is protected with UV sealant. This unit has been stained in Mission Oak which gives it a darker appearance than traditional barrels. Old Time Amish can make one for you with your choice in seating, color stain, barrel heads and hardware.

As pictured, $1,400.00

Bourbon Stave Display Shelves – Item #274

Display and store your collection on our Bourbon Stave Shelves. The 36×36 model has a shelf about 6 inches wide, and will hold around 25 bottles. Also available in at 18×36 model. Each have barn wood shelves. Barrel Rings are featured on each side. These are a popular item that we often customize to meet your specific space requirements. The same style shelves are also made with 3 inch shelves that are prefect for bourbon glassware and julep cups – 36″x 36″ $85.00 | 18″x 36″ $75.00

36″x 36″ $145.00 | 18″x 36″ $140.00

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